we build large format analog modular synthesizer modules.

We like large format because we like space. And big knobs. And quarter inch patch cables. We also build in this format because of its established pedigree and link to some of the greatest pioneers. We seek to honor these people with what we do. We like history and paying homage to it. Some of our modules are attempts to recreate some historical circuits. Not just electronically, but physically, too.

we are not engineers.
we just like building synthesizers.

We try and offer the sections of vintage synthesizers that people still talk about and long to use. Modules that are coveted for their uniqueness, character, and attitude. While we do try to give you this much sought after sound, we also try and add a little bit of our own je ne sais quoi to the design. Personally, we prefer some edge, some nonlinearity, some mystique and a touch of surprise. There are lots of modules that give you just what the original would. Our goal is to try and give you some of that—and a little something more, too.

Not all our modules are based on something classic. Some are admittedly boring. On a sexy scale, a passive attenuator is about as sexy as your grandfather’s lederhosen. We think that’s ok. Not every module in your system has to perform like a 959, or breathe fire, or eat Coelacanth babies. analog craftsman tries to offer a well rounded selection of modules that will complement any modular system from an eight module, one voice starter system to a Hans Zimmer floor to ceiling room full of destruction.

what we believe

We believe in a module’s individuality.
We hope that each of the modules we build has its own voice, its own temperament.

We believe you deserve an instrument that is handcrafted by someone who really loves synthesizers.

We believe in treating every build like a custom build, which they basically are.
We do not use any robots to build our modules.

We believe in using rare, hard to find, original, and expensive components whenever their contributions make the things we seek to emulate sound the way they do.

We believe in you, because you are using a modular synthesizer and that is awesome.

analog craftsman.
this is analog.

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